Jonio Agroservisas became part of IMLITEX HOLDINGS

jonio agroservisas imlitex holdings

Jonio Agroservisas, our long-standing partner, recently became part of Imlitex Holdings. This company has been successfully operating for 27 years and now is the oldest member in our group of companies. Jonio Agroservisas is well known in the market for its grain growing and agricultural production.

The acquisition came naturally as both companies have a lot of synergies and have been working closely for more than 15 years. Hence, Imlitex Holdings were the first ones to receive Jonio Agroservisas shareholders' buy offer given our market experience and trustworthy relationship.

We based the decision on large future potential that will strengthen our groups development. Currently, we are preparing for a new season by investing into fertilizers, various land condition surveys and soil fertility. We will continue supplying our customers with the main products - various grain crops and logistical services for bulk and liquid products.

According to the new head of the company, Arūnas Plančiūnas, currently the most important plans of the company include the development of crop and seed production and intensive development of the variety of crops.