New cargo flow: Half a million tonnes of corn being transported from Ukraine to Klaipeda by rail

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LG Cargo, part of Lithuanian Railways, the biggest railway holding in the Baltics, together with its partners will transport about 500 000 tonnes of corn annually from Ukraine to Klaipeda‘s sea port.

The tripartite memorandum of agreement was signed by LG Cargo, Imlitex Holdings and the Ukrainian company Urchim. The first cargo is expected to depart during the first half of this year. “Every new agreement during these challenging times is a big achievement for us as it ensures stable flow of goods. Currently, because of the virus, businesses are facing supply chain challenges and railway remains one of the most reliable ways of transportation. We appreciate our partners‘ trust in us and will put our best efforts to ensure continuous flow of goods between Ukraine and Lithuania“, - says CEO of LG Cargo, Egidijus Lazauskas.

„For many years now Imlitex Holdings has been acting as a bridge between Ukrainian and Baltic companies by supplying various commodities. We believe that this logistical project will create value not only for Klaipeda‘s seaport, but also for Ukrainian exporters of agricultural products by helping them avoid continuous shipping issues.“ – states Vygandas Blandis, chairman of Imlitex Holdings‘ board. Trains will be crossing Belarus on their way to Lithuania from Ukraine, where local rail companies will take care of their parts within their countries. If needed, Imlitex Holdings will rent out 250 railcars.

In Lithuania, at Kena’s railway station on the border with Belarus, Lithuanian railways will take over the railcars and will continue to Klaipeda’s’ Bega terminal.


Source: www.lrytas.lt